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For more about Vtuber models and Debut

streamers check the portfolio site.

Welcome to Artyfist! We are a Live2d design studio specializing in creating a unique style of character designs for Vtuber models along with Live2d animation for Twitch streamers.

📺Join me on Twitch for a creation process:

Different packages we offer:


  • Half body + Rigging - 310$
  • Full Body + Rigging - 420$


  • Half Body = Rigging - 540$
  • Full Body = Rigging - 625$

📩Please contact in Chat before placing an order.

By choosing any of these packages, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

• Receive fully rigged, ready-to-use model files [ .PSD .moc3 ] and setup files that seamlessly integrate with your preferred streaming software for EX. [ Vtube studio ].
• I'll guide you through the process of setting up the model in Vtube studio.
• You'll have complete ownership of the copyrights and commercial rights to the model. However, I may showcase it in my portfolio and websites.


1. After placing your order, I'll provide you with a sketch draft within 1 week or 10 days. If you have any revisions in mind, feel free to share them.
2. Once you approve the sketch draft, I'll move on to the lineart and base coloring stage, typically taking another week.
3. Upon adding the base colors, I'll present you with 3 color drafts for your input, allowing us to finalize the character's coloring.
4. Once we agree on the colors, I'll dedicate a week to adding intricate details to the character design.
5. The rigging process, the most time-consuming phase, will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the approval of the character design. Please note that design changes cannot be made once rigging has started.
6. Upon your satisfaction with the final result, I'll provide you with the original PSD file, featuring separate layers for each part, along with animation files compatible with VTube Studio.
7. The entire process typically spans around 6 weeks without revisions. However, if you require multiple revisions, it may extend up to 2 months. During busy periods, it might take up to 3 months to deliver the model.

As for the rigging package, it includes the following Animation:

- Breathing
- Blinking
- Tilt and Body Movement (X, Y, Z)
- Eyeball Motion
- Eyebrow movement (up and down)
- Mouth movement
- Hair and Physics

If you're interested in additional features, I offer the following add-ons:

- Hotkey Expressions: $25 each
- Different Arm Poses: $35 each
- Accessories: $25 each
- Outfit Swap: 145$
- Hand tracking - 175$

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you for considering my services!

2d Vtuber Mode Commission with Rigging

  • Drawing Vtuber models where complex and thats why will take the much longer time than regular character designs. 6.} The whole process can take somewhere between 2 to 3 months. At Busy periods it can take even up to 4 Months to deliver the model.

    ✔ For express delivery please contact us in the chat section.

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